[poetry] reality develops slowly….

reality develops slowly, unlike dreams that unravel like fast trains under the sun
we are soft shadows underneath the harsh light
the moon bright above our cruel fates, watching always
maybe it’s too late to turn any words into water after all
I was never a magician, I just liked to play with magic and got careless
now the words run away from the page and I lost the thread
that moment of suspension in the edge of the page
I feel like an emptied oyster, swept by the summer waves, carried away
it’s uneven this soul I carry on a frail body that you can snap with your finger
and even if my feet runaway from my execution my heart will lead me to death
even if my death just brings me closer to pain even if it brings me closer
to the things I held at arm’s length, trying hard to hide from that flame
that reduced to ashes any hope I had of a future without clouds
what a storm, what a storm you have brought into my world
what raging thunder, mesmerizing lightning, I love the danger
the danger of being one step closer than I should
the noise still haunts my ears like a muscle memory, it keeps scratching
playing on the strings of my heart, violent violin music
and so it develops slowly, like reality, while in the dream the capsule
of my nightmares keeps growing like the plant inside my stomach
untill it consumes me and turns me into dirt


[poetry] i have been wondering if

i have been wondering if maybe
there’s another time or another place
if there is another chance
if there is another ending that will meet us
on those alleyways of green grass
on a world with no beginning and no end

i have been wondering if maybe
we could hold the hands of the wind
and be reborn on other bodies
and surrender to the call of the waves
maybe there is another world
there is another path that would lead to us
on those roads of melting tears
on a universe made of your stars

i have been wondering if maybe
i am making all the wrong choices
maybe i shouldn’t let go of you
like dandellion i let you go into the wind
and now your seeds are lost in the world
i wanted to stay just a bit longer
just to keep this lie
perpetually alive
with you