[poetry] queen of chaos

do I care?
do I care for others?
do you care?
do you care about me?
does anyone?
what I’m doing here?
why am I doing here?
why not somewhere else?
why not someone else?
can I restart?
can I borrow another mind?
where’s my rental service
for the mind?
where’s my way out?
where’s the thread
that will lead me away
from the labyrinth?
you built this
I built this
we are this
I am this mess, chaos
chaotic kingdom of nowhere
and I belive in this violence
more and more and more
untill it becomes a type of dust
that I can no longer taste


2 thoughts on “[poetry] queen of chaos”

  1. Had a lot of fun to lose myself in the picture and in the flow of the poem,
    In the picture I see the face of an american indian chief, sunken in thoughts, face pointing down, with a colorful headdress above, on the right end of the picture. It’s the profile of the face in dark green. Can you see that, too?

    Did you paint it yourself.


    1. Oh, no I wish I painted like this! My imagination is not as good as yours because I didn’t think about that, really, I just searched for an image that transmitted the idea of chaos 🙂


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